About us

Since 2012, we have been providing our LawFlow E-discovery system to New Zealand lawyers. We are committed to providing the New Zealand legal profession and its clients with the best, most cost-effective discovery solution.

LawFlow has been designed by New Zealand lawyers, for New Zealand lawyers, based around the requirements of the New Zealand High Court Rules for discovery. We are continually improving our system based on user feedback and our own developments.

LawFlow Limited is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our servers are hosted in a premiere, secure enterprise-grade data centre located on Auckland’s North Shore, with high speed connectivity via New Zealand’s fibre network.

The New Zealand advantage

While there are a number of e-discovery systems, LawFlow is the only system designed, developed and hosted in New Zealand, for New Zealand lawyers and their clients.  This means:

  • We understand New Zealand requirements, and can stay abreast of future developments and industry needs.
  • If you need support, we are right here in New Zealand, and in your time zone. You will not be dealing with third-party representatives or re-sellers.
  • Because we designed and developed LawFlow, we know the system inside out and can tailor it to local requirements.
  • Your data is hosted in New Zealand, on our servers. You can take advantage of a fully locally-hosted solution, without having to send your client’s data to a foreign jurisdiction.
  • You don’t need to wrestle with a system designed for foreign practice and requirements.