April 2020 update

We hope everyone is doing well during the COVID-19 lockdown. Highlights of this update:

New features

  • Saved searches: you can now save a search configuration to re-use in multiple searches.
  • Support for Outlook for Mac (OLM) files (the Mac equivalent of a PST file).
  • Support for 7-zip (7z) compressed archive files. Uploaded 7z files will extract in the same manner as Zip files.
  • Ability to set custom “badge” text for issues. This is useful for showing a shorter badge (e.g. an abbreviation or acronym) for issues with longer names.
  • Option to tag all search results directly from the search results page (without having to use the document tray function).


  • Improved detection of email dates from non-native emails.
  • Improved performance of the Analysis and Parties pages.
  • Easier merging of document types.
  • Easier editing of issues.
  • Add documents to tray function now shows more detail about matched documents.
  • Improved performance when searching multiple lists.