April 2024 update

Another long time since our last update! Rest assured, we have been very busy. Many of the changes since our last update are “behind the scenes”, but we have continued to add some front-facing features and improvements.

Thank you as always to our wonderful customers for your feedback and ideas.

Discovery tool

New features

  • Search aliases
  • A list of the page numbers with one or more redactions is shown when viewing a redacted document.
  • “Remember me on this device” option on two-factor authentication, to reduce the need to re-authenticate after each login on the same device.
  • Ability to browse documents with custom fields.


  • Improved performance of browsing hidden documents in large projects.
  • Improved performance of large custom lists.
  • Improved performance of allocating large numbers of documents to users.
  • Added direct download option for virtual folders.
  • MD5 hash column added to discovery list “extra columns” option.
  • Combining redacted documents now allows editing of the combined redacted versions.
  • Combining redacted documents now combines the “look-through” redacted versions.
  • More helpful messages for a user attempting to access a restricted document.
  • Improved advanced email deduplication.
  • Improved detection of inline/background images in native emails (reduces the occasions where an inline/background images is extracted as an attachment).
  • Improved performance for merging parties on very large projects.
  • Ability to accommodate some mis-formatting/inconsistencies in production number stamps added to PDFs by other parties/systems when detecting production numbers.
  • Improved handling & normalisation of irregular characters in imported PDFs.
  • Improved ability to rotate and scale PDFs with irregular properties.

Casebook tool

  • Ability to add hyperlinked annotations to an existing PDF.
  • Smarter pagination of multi-page indexes (avoid table breaks too near the top or bottom of a page).
  • Identify the parts of automatically split documents in an index.
  • Option to restart tab numbers on each series volume.
  • Option to restart tab numbers in a series block.
  • Modified the default index template to be more consistent with the examples in the Practice Note.
  • Improved appearance of indexes with no documents.
  • Greatly improved performance when generating very large indexes (100+ pages).
  • Easier way to select references when manually hyperlinking a PDF.
  • Improved error messages for invalid references when manually hyperlinking a PDF.
  • Hyperlink errors in footnotes now state which footnote.
  • Colour selection for stamps.
  • Option to use “natural” ordering when ordering by name (e.g. 1, 2, 3 … 10, 11, 12 instead of 1, 10, 11, 12 … 2, 20, 21).
  • Badge for documents with noted objections.
  • Improved handling of ambiguous references.
  • Ability to use imported page numbers as hyperlink references.