February 2022 update

Due to an extremely busy second half of last year, it’s been a while since we posted an update. We have continued to roll out new features and improvements, here are some highlights from the past 6 months. Thank you as always to our valued customers for your support and feedback.

New features

  • When searching for words or phrases in a PDF document, the plain text of the PDF is shown with search terms highlighted. This makes it easier to find search terms within PDFs, by avoiding the limitations of highlighting search terms directly in a PDF viewer.
  • Added “next hit” and “previous hit” navigation buttons to text search results, to allow easy navigation of search hits within a document.
  • Automatically scroll to the location of the first search hit in a text search result.
  • Added the ability to download a plain text version of supported documents (which is most text-based documents).
  • Added a way to add a document to a virtual folder directly from the document details page.
  • Translations: option to include translated versions of documents in bundles.
  • Ability to export metadata (document properties) reports for any set of documents.
  • Option to export metadata in columnar format.
  • Ability to set custom colours for tag & virtual folder badges.


  • Further improvements to highlighting of search results (better handling of wildcards, groupings & proximity searches).
  • Automatic duplicate removal: when uploading documents, if the destination folder already contains a visible, top-level exact duplicate of the uploaded document with the same filename, the upload is skipped. The system has always automatically hidden exact top-level duplicates in client repositories (regardless of filenames). This new behaviour applies to all repositories, and is intended to prevent the not uncommon situation of the same documents being inadvertently uploaded multiple times to the same folder.
  • More options for restricting user access to specific folders or repositories.
  • Improved metadata (document properties) reports (exporting document metadata to Excel).
  • Improved positioning of look-through redaction boxes of rotated documents.
  • Exhibit lists can now use standard list stamping, in addition to affidavit exhibit note stamps.
  • Improved prioritisation of document conversion.