January 2019 update

Happy New Year!  We’ve been busy adding updates of the summer break, and have a great set of further updates in the works. Highlights of this update include:

New features

  • Auto-split scanned documents using a scan separator page (a page containing a QR code that LawFlow recognises and uses to automatically split the PDF). This provides a new option for bulk-loading scanned documents into the system, together with the existing method of splitting using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Date range support. Previously, documents could be given only a single date (either specific or “partial”). The discovery tab now allows you to enter a date range where applicable, and then use the date range in date-based searches.
  • PDF cropping tool, for trimming excess white-space from PDF page(s)


  • Performance improvements with large projects.
  • Numerous improvements to electronic casebook module.
  • More options for inserting electronic casebook hyperlinks.
  • More options for stamping list documents.
  • Split PDF tool now handles PDFs with “PDF/A” encoding.