January 2021 update

Happy new year! We have a big todo-list of new features and improvements updates that we are already busy working on for 2021. In the meantime, here is a summary of recent new features and improvements.

Thank you as always to our great customers!

New features

  • Virtual folders that a document is in are now shown on the document’s Info tab.
  • Hidden duplicates of a particular document can be viewed via the Related tab.
  • The search results page show the number of duplicates excluded by the “exclude duplicates” option.
  • Inclusion of custom fields on “export to Excel” and discovery list reports.


  • The “Discoverable” workflow category is now separated into “Discoverable – partially reviewed” and “Discoverable – fully reviewed”.
  • Improved ability to redact PDFs containing some internal errors.
  • Improved ability to OCR PDFs containing some internal errors.
  • Improved ability to detect OCR requirement for PDFs containing numerous small images.
  • Improved handling of trivial OCR results.
  • Improved handling of blank pages and non-text documents in compare documents tool.
  • Added part-privileged redaction check to Discovery Review Checklist.
  • Importing notes excludes duplicate notes.
  • Improved handling of Zip files that otherwise cannot be opened due to over-length internal file paths.
  • Better layout of discovery review tasks and notes.
  • Incomplete tasks are displayed before completed tasks.
  • Separation of incomplete and complete tasks on Discovery page.
  • Various performance improvements.