July 2021 update

After a series of rolling updates, here is a selection of new features and improvements:

New features

  • Look-through redactions: when you create a redacted version of a document in LawFlow, the system now additionally creates a separate look-through version with translucent redaction boxes, so you can see behind the redaction. This makes it easier to review redactions, and provides a convenient way to show permitted parties what has been redacted.
  • Redaction page tracking: when you create a redacted version of a document in LawFlow, the system now records which pages have had redactions made on them. This can help with reviewing redactions, and being able to advise other parties which pages in a document have been redacted.
  • Faster redactions: the redaction process now only processes pages that have one or more redactions. This provides a major performance improvement for longer documents where only a few pages are being redacted.
  • Smaller redactions: due to an improved process, redacted documents are now typically significantly smaller in filesize than previously.
  • Translation support: this release adds the ability to attach a translation (either in plain-text, Word or PDF format) to a document. For documents with attached translations, you are able to view the translation together with the original document, and search on the translation text. Further planned enhancements will allow the translated versions to be included in bundles.
  • When files are extracted from a zip or 7-zip archive, the File Created and Last Modified dates are recorded against the extracted documents.


  • Significant overall performance improvements for large projects.
  • Searching: the ability to exclude documents matching one or more word lists (previously, searches could only include documents matching one or more word lists).
  • Searching: improved highlighting of search results.
  • Improved performance of the Discovery tab’s “Document type” box with a very large number of document type.
  • Improved performance for bulk linking and unlinking of documents to email addresses.
  • Improved performance and integrity checking of zip file extraction.
  • Significantly improved performance of 7-zip file extraction (especially for very large, multi-GB 7z files).
  • Automatic removal of Mac OS “resource fork” junk files from uploaded zip & 7-zip archives.
  • Deleting pages from a PDF now removes all bookmarks (outline entries) from the PDF.
  • Processing of barcode-separated batch scans (automatically splitting of scanned PDFs with separator sheets) now supports image-compressed PDFs.
  • Better handling of zero-byte files (zero-byte files are usually the result of incorrectly or incompletely processed files).
  • Parent production number column added to Excel discovery list with “extra columns” enabled.
  • Improved validation of date values when importing discovery information.