June 2018 update 2

New features

  • Multi-document compare process for easier comparison of similar documents.
  • New process for matching and linking deemed duplicate documents.
  • Addition of “associated documents” category, for linking associated documents (not associated on other grounds, such as part of the same email thread) together.


  • Significantly improved interface for reviewing email threads (and detected possible email threads), and setting discovery information and hiding documents on a group basis.
  • Discovery review checklist now includes checks for inconsistent discoverability of similar, text-duplicate and deemed duplicate documents, redundant duplicates, and documents with failed attachment extraction.
  • More information about related documents added to Discovery tab.
  • PDF text extraction now includes form data (this remains dependent on the structure and settings of the PDF form, but standard form text should now be extracted).
  • Move Documents and Hide Documents pages now show the locations of documents to be moved or hidden;
  • PST extraction now shows the total number of items to extract.
  • Improved layout of document lists on Related tab.
  • Tag documents option added to tray pop-up menu.