June 2018 update

New features

  • First release of the Casebook Module – a major new feature designed to support the creation of electronic casebooks in accordance with the Senior Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol. We will post more about this soon.
  • Addition of document “alias” property, allowing documents to be assigned a unique alternative identifier (an alias) which can be used to find and reference documents.


  • Significantly improved import document information process.
  • Cleaner layout of table columns in main documents page and list views.
  • When browsing documents in a repository in details view, the folder is now shown in the browse menu.
  • Improved detection of dates in scanned documents.
  • Document information can now be imported for documents in all repository types, not just client discovery documents.
  • Better handling of very long Excel spreadsheets.
  • Better progress reporting during bundle generation.
  • Longer search query input (up to 500 characters).
  • Back-end changes for better handling of very long documents.