June 2019 update

It’s been a very busy few months!  Thanks to our users for providing such great feedback.  This update includes a lot of performance improvements, which are particularly noticeable on larger projects (100k+ documents). We have a number of major features currently in the pipeline which we’ll roll out over the coming months, and post about here.

New features

  • Viewing documents on lists now shows a live-rendered stamped version of the document by default.
  • Very large PDFs now show a “click-through” page before starting to display.
  • Auto-detection of Office 2007 Excel & Word files saved with a generic XML filename.
  • Support for Microsoft OneNote “.one” files.
  • Support for EPUB e-book files.
  • Automatic extraction of embedded file attachments in Excel and Word documents (previously, these were only visually displayed as they are in Word and Excel).
  • Workflow view for tags.


  • Improved handling of invalid/corrupt/non-renderable Office documents.
  • Improved handling of zip files containing non-standard filenames and inconsistent cases of internal paths.
  • Improved performance of the project home page.
  • Improved performance of the discovery workflow category.
  • Improved performance of the allocated documents category.
  • Some PDFs created with the redaction tool were not displaying correctly in Acrobat Reader, due to invalid image data in the original PDF. The redaction tool now attempts to workaround any invalid image data, which resolves the issue in most cases.
  • Improved performance of unlinking email addresses from parties that have a large number of auto-linked documents.
  • Improved handling of invalid/corrupt inline images in emails.
  • Improved performance of mapping file (loadfile) processing.
  • The bundle filename of list documents is now included in general list reports.
  • Improved algorithm for auto-detecting non-native emails.
  • Improved algorithm for auto-detecting dates in non-native emails.
  • Improved performance of document processing & conversion after documents are imported.
  • Improved performance when browsing tags by repository, and key docs by repository.
  • Mapping files now exclude hidden/filtered rows from processing.
  • Numerous general performance improvements.