December 2015 update

We have rolled out our latest update to LawFlow with a number of enhancements and improvements.

Combine PDFs

A user-requested feature included in this update is the ability to combine two or more PDF documents. This is useful when what is in substance a single document has been split into two or more PDFs, all being regarded by LawFlow as separate documents. This new feature allows you to conveniently combine two or more separate PDFs into a single PDF.

Other changes

  • Ability to manually set the starting page number for stamping PDF bundles.
  • Ability to browse file types by repository, as well as for the whole project.
  • Ability to browse tagged documents by repository, as well as for the whole project.
  • Performance improvements.

Coming in 2016…

While LawFlow already has a comprehensive User Guide, one area that we will be working hard on over summer is to convert the User Guide (currently available only as a PDF) into online help. This will make it easier to access help & tips for a particular feature or task directly within a LawFlow project. It will also make it easier to keep the online help up-to-date as we continue to improve and enhance LawFlow. We plan to retain the User Guide as a standalone resource, too.

Thank you to our users for all of your great support during 2015 as we continue our mission to provide the best e-discovery solution for New Zealand lawyers, designed and developed right here in New Zealand.