LawFlow’s Chronology feature

Did you know you can use LawFlow to create a chronology of facts?

High Court Rule 9.9 requires parties (primarily the plaintiff) to prepare a “chronology of the facts it intends to rely upon at the trial or hearing“, cross-referenced to relevant documents.

LawFlow includes a tool specifically for creating the chronology. It allows you to:

  • Create chronology events;
  • Link those events to one or more relevant documents;
  • Add notes to events;
  • See which chronology events you or other team members have added to the project; and
  • Generate a Word version of the chronology which can be edited and formatted into the appropriate final form.

This tool is directly integrated into your LawFlow projects, allowing you to carry out discovery, issue analysis, preparation of a common bundle, and preparation of the chronology using the same LawFlow platform. It also allows chronology entries to be recorded at any time, and by any team member, during the discovery process and beyond, which can be more efficient and effective than attempting to prepare the chronology in isolation.

Chronology functions are available on the Analysis menu of projects, and the Analysis tab of documents.

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