March 2018 update

We’ve been very busy in the past six-or-so months, adding loads of new features – many of which have come from our users. There are too many to list, but here are some highlights. We will also write about some of these in more detail later.

New major features

  • Keyboard mode for data entry and navigation on the Discovery tab. This is a long-awaited enhancement makes it easier and more efficient (less mouse clicks) to enter discovery information for a set of documents.
  • Enhanced email thread detection, for auto-detection of of possible email threads. This supplements LawFlow’s existing ability to detect “definitive” email threads, but allows for possible thread detection with PDF-version emails and emails from disparate systems.
  • An intelligent Discovery Review Checklist function to help identify potential errors or issues.
  • Identification of text duplicates” – these are documents where the text is identical, but the file is not. Previously, text duplicates were able to be detected via the “Similar Documents” feature, but this new feature provides specific handling for text duplicates.
  • Tool for quickly reviewing and deleting duplicate images.

Other improvements

  • On the Discovery tab, the system now prompts to create an author or recipient that doesn’t match an existing entry
  • The “Key Documents” category now shows only one instance of duplicate documents.
  • More accurate scores for detected possibly similar documents on the Related tab.
  • Re-order PDF function.
  • Bundle downloads that are interrupted (e.g. if a network interruption occurs, or a download is paused for some other reason) can now be resumed.
  • An additional link on the Document page shows attachments, or sibling attachments, of the current document.
  • Summary information about an attachment’s parent document is shown when viewing the attachment.
  • Improved functions for stripping attachments from parent emails.
  • Ability to manually order attachments.
  • Ability to manually set production numbers.
  • Improved “merge parties” function.
  • Ability to compare thread and possible-thread emails.
  • Tailored discovery categories in Excel list reports.
  • The Discovery tab now shows if assessed similar or possibly similar have been redacted.
  • Placeholders for empty (zero byte) documents – usually the result of an invalid or corrupted file – are now generated for bundles that happen to include such documents.
  • Mode to upload and merge PDFs.

Thank you as always to our valued users for your suggestions and feedback.