March 2019 update

New features

  • Browsing email threads (a.k.a. email chains) now shows summary information about the thread.
  • LawFlow now identifies whether uploaded PDFs (including those extracted from emails) are password-protected (i.e. locked), and provides a function to permanently unlock PDFs within the project. You can also browse all password-protected PDFs.
  • LawFlow now checks uploaded PDFs to for apparent corruption/invalidity and provides more information to users.


  • Improved process for browsing email threads.
  • Button to open a document in a new tab.
  • Password-protected PDFs can now be included with a compiled PDF bundle. A placeholder is used in the compiled PDF, and the password-protected PDF is separately included in the bundle.
  • Better handling of corrupt/invalid PDFs in bundles (a corrupt/invalid PDF no longer prevents bundle generation).
  • Tray menu now shows if a tray document is hidden.
  • Table column headings remain visible while scrolling long lists in more places.