March 2020 update

We are still working very hard on exciting new features, in the meantime here is a summary of new features and improvements since the last update:

New features

  • Addition of a new list export mode: “Native format with sensitive document exceptions“. This mode exports list documents in native format except if the native document has one or more “sensitive” attachments (being a visible or hidden attachment that is set as privileged, confidential, or redacted, or unreviewed for privilege or confidentiality and therefore potentially sensitive). For those documents, they are exported in PDF format instead.
  • List bundles: option to skip the generation of a placeholder PDF for native file exceptions in a PDF bundle generation.
  • Option to limit by repository when adding documents to the tray by production number. This makes it easier when the same production number has been used in multiple repositories.
  • Option to ignore mismatched documents when adding documents to the tray by ID.
  • Print option added to document preview pane.
  • Barcode scanning: you can now use a special separator sheet for use when the next document is an attachment of the previous top-level document. This allows a bulk-scanned PDF to be automatically split into separate top-level documents and attachments.
  • Category for browsing privileged documents that have no privilege category.
  • Scanned PDF detection: ability to detect in some cases whether a PDF is a scanned document, as opposed to a text-based PDF.
  • Vector-based PDF detection: ability to detect in some cases whether a PDF includes vector content, as opposed to text or image-based content.


  • Faster extraction of PST email archives.
  • Better performance of apparent duplicate detection.
  • Better performance of zipping document bundles.
  • Some improvements to descriptions in statistics reports.
  • Warning before displaying very large text and XML files.
  • Better handling of extremely large history exports to Excel (now spans across multiple tabs).
  • Better detection of poor-quality barcode separator pages in bulk scans.
  • Better performance for bulk-linking a large number of documents to an issue.
  • Various general performance improvements.

Thanks to all of our great users for their support and feedback.