March 2021 update

New features

  • Browsing documents by email address now allows further browsing by role (From, To, Cc or Bcc)
  • Linking email addresses to parties (authors & recipients): added an option for controlling whether to exclude CC and BCC recipients.
  • New discovery review checklist checks:
    • Redundant emails;
    • Incomplete review tasks;
    • Non-privileged, non-redacted emails sent from legal domains;


  • A discovery review checklist can now be generated for a specific repository, folder or other set of documents, instead of for all client documents in the project.
  • Exporting document information includes review task notes.
  • Adding and removing of review tasks for documents is now recorded in affected documents’ history.
  • Improved apparent duplicate email detection.
  • Improvements to email disclaimer detection.
  • “Hide junk image attachments” tool now includes PDFs (previously this feature only applied to native emails).
  • Improved performance when processing PDF files with large number of fields.
  • Processing of barcode-separated batch scans removes superfluous separator pages at the end of a batch scan.