November 2018 update

This update includes a number of customer-requested features and improvements. Thank you to our great users for your suggestions and feedback, and ongoing support!

New features

  • Specific function for hiding non-discoverable documents.
  • Ability to import and store external document IDs (i.e. where a document has been exported from another system, and you wish to retain the previous system’s assigned ID).
  • Zoom large images by double-click.
  • Ability to cross-reference list numbers/pages between two lists.
  • Page borders for list documents.
  • Option to search non-redacted documents.
  • Two-factor SMS authentication option.


  • Updated PDF viewer, with better performance and ‘find in document’ function.
  • Link email address to author/recipient shows auto-suggest names.
  • Documents page returns to current category upon refresh.
  • Browse documents in list context.
  • Option to include additional columns in Excel version of a custom list (i.e. same as available for discovery lists).
  • Improved searching of email addresses and domain names.
  • Option to disable whether a tag is shown as a ‘badge’ when browsing documents.
  • Option to specify alternative badge text for tags.
  • Separate fields for actual date and custom date in Excel reports (useful when both fields are being used).
  • Improved creation of PDF hyperlinks to work on Mac OS systems (avoiding invalid characters).
  • Better detection of imported production numbers.