November 2019 update

This update includes some useful new functionality in the search tool, and significant performance improvements particularly for large projects.

New features

  • New search options:
    • You can now search documents by party role (i.e. author and/or recipient), specify multiple authors/recipients/both on an “all” or “any” basis, and specify separate “must include” and “must exclude” criteria. This makes it easier to carry out searches such as “all documents authored by A or B, and received by X and Y“.
    • Added the ability to search for multiple tags on an “all” or “any” basis.
    • There are now separate options for searching documents explicitly marked as “undated”, or documents that have not had any date information set.
    • Added the ability to search documents by discovery workflow status – partially reviewed documents and fully reviewed documents.
  • Support for digitally signed & encrypted emails (P7M/P7S S/MIME).
  • Automatic extraction of Outlook OST cache files (not to be confused with regular Outlook PST email archives, which LawFlow has always been able to automatically extract).  LawFlow could previously extract Outlook OST files with helpdesk support. This update includes automatic processing of uploaded OST files.
  • Ability to view workflow status information for tray documents.


  • Significant performance improvements for very large projects, in particular browsing & viewing documents and generating long discovery lists.
  • Added ability to easily view hidden attachments from a parent document.
  • Improved layout of search options.
  • More search tips.
  • More robust process for expiring (i.e. refreshing) browser-cached versions of live-preview list document PDFs.
  • Date range searching now supports partial dates (e.g. 0/11/2019 instead of a specific date in November 2019).