October 2019 update

We are continuing to roll out lots of new features and improvements to LawFlow, New Zealand’s e-discovery solution. Highlights from recent updates include:

New features

  • Statistics module. This enables you to generate statistical analyses, in raw data and visual form, of your project documents. Available reports include:
    • Email volumes;
    • Email sender/recipient & subject analysis;
    • File type  & document type analysis;
    • Discovery metrics.
  • Word lists for searching.  This allows you to create & save “word lists” for carrying out searches on a list of words or phrases. You can create multiple word lists, and combine them in various ways to carry out powerful searches.
  • Ability to search for multiple email addresses (or email domains, or display names) at a time, and the addition of a second criteria to allow searches such as “emails from A or B, and sent to C or D”.


  • Improved indexing of documents for more consistent searching.
  • More helpful error messages on invalid search queries.
  • Searching on email subject field now allows wildcards and boolean search operators.
  • Improved identification and extraction of email calendar item information.
  • Extraction of embedded attachments in Rich Text Format (RTF) files, where possible.
  • Detection of hidden content in Word documents now includes hidden images.
  • Detection of hidden content in PowerPoint documents now includes hidden slides.
  • Improved duplicate detection of Word documents containing only images.
  • Performance improvement for indexing documents, which means documents can be searched sooner after upload.
  • Improved performance for adding family documents to a large number of tray documents.
  • Automatic correction of some invalid email address encoding in native email files.
  • Improved detection of inline images in native email files with body text in RTF format.
  • Option to remove selected images from the “junk image removal” tool (i.e. to designate selected images as “not junk”).
  • Improved detection of the LawFlow separator page in bulk scanned PDFs using separator pages.
  • Party codes (abbreviations) of parent organisations referenced in lists are now included in the abbreviations table.
  • Automatic processing of Outlook OST files (“offline storage” files, similar but different to regular PST files which LawFlow also supports).
  • Lots of performance improvements.

Coming soon

We are working hard on lots of exciting features to help users analyse and cut-through ever-growing volumes of electronic documents. Features coming soon include:

  • Advanced text analytic tools to help analyse large volumes of electronic discovery documents. This will include the ability to find common words & phrases, assess text quality, and view content-related statistics.
  • Email chain culling – the ability to safely identify and remove “redundant” emails in a chain, where the content of the email is replicated in a later reply.
  • Automatic detection of email disclaimers and other ‘boilerplate’, to improve the effectiveness of similarity & duplicate detection.
  • Advanced email deduplication tools.

Thank you as always to our fantastic customers for your feedback and support. If you have any requested features or ideas on how we can make New Zealand’s e-discovery solution even better, please get in touch with us.