September 2018 update

New features

  • Live rendering of list & casebook documents
  • When viewing an unknown file type, there is now an option for viewing the file in plain text.
  • New search option to include or exclude tray documents


  • Faster splitting & page deletion on very large PDFs
  • Improved detection of duplicate text on emails with minor time differences
  • Improved handling of emails from different timezones
  • Improved tidying of extracted email names and addresses
  • Better handling of non-standard recipient fields in Outlook MSG files
  • Ability to set a party code when creating a new party via the “link email addresses” tool
  • Completed review tasks show the user who set the task as completed
  • More information provided on mapping (import document information) errors
  • Better handling of Word tables with irregular columns in mapping files
  • Casebook hyperlinks should now work in most standard desktop PDF viewers (tested in Acrobat, Foxit and NitroPDF)
  • Improved text conversion of HTML table data
  • Better performance for tagging large numbers of documents
  • Support for playing M4A audio files directly in the browser