Since 2012, we have developed LawFlow to make it the best e-discovery system for New Zealand lawyers – and we are continuing to actively develop the system. Here’s a list of just some of LawFlow’s features:

Discovery functions

  • Review documents to assess discoverability, privilege, confidentiality and other discovery information
  • Generate discovery lists (in Word or Excel format) per High Court Rules “Listing & Exchange” requirements
  • Create electronic bundles of documents High Court Rules “Listing & Exchange” requirements
  • Support for tailored discovery
  • Support for supplementary lists
  • Support for partial dates
  • Optional data entry via Excel
  • Ability to bulk-set discovery information

Discovery document management

  • Stores your client’s documents, and documents from other parties
  • Upload documents directly via your browser
  • Tools for managing bulk uploading of scanned paper documents (“batch scans”)
  • Handles native electronic documents in many formats, as well as scanned PDF documents
  • Automatically creates PDF versions of supported native formats
  • Automatically extracts email attachments as separate documents (per High Court Rules requirements)
  • Processes PDFs using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make them searchable
  • Organise your documents into repositories (for your client and other parties) and into subject folders
  • Import discovery information from other parties

Document lists & bundles

NEW: LawFlow’s electronic casebook tool directly integrates with a LawFlow discovery project, allowing you to create electronic casebooks as required by the Senior Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol.

  • Standard discovery lists
  • Custom lists
  • Affidavit annexure lists
  • Automatic numbering of documents of lists
  • Structured lists (e.g. grouping of particular documents within a list)
  • Ability to number attachments separately or as a sub-document of their parent
  • Stamping and numbering documents in bundles
  • Page numbering (across a whole bundle, or documents within a bundle)
  • Watermarks
  • Create bundles in native format, PDF format, or compiled PDF (rolling multiple PDFs into one)
  • Voluming (splitting bundles into volumes based of a specific page limit)
  • Hyperlinked bundle indexes
  • Nominating documents via worksheet

Document manipulation

  • Easily redact documents directly in your web browser
  • Track redaction information (redaction log)
  • Tools for splitting PDFs into separate documents
  • Tools for deleting and rotating PDF pages
  • “White-out” tool for removing non-discoverable, unwanted information from documents (e.g. headers, forwarding information)

Document analysis

  • Link documents to issues to gain greater insights into your case
  • Record chronology events for documents to assist with preparation of chronologies
  • Document tagging
  • Discovery Review Checklist – an automatically generated report to help identify potential errors or issues in discovery coding
  • Statistics module to generate visual and numerical analyses of project documents
  • Detection of hidden content and tracked changes in supported native file types.

Duplicates & similar documents

  • Automatic duplicate identification (exact duplicate files)
  • Text duplicate detection (where extracted text is identical, but underlying files are different)
  • Similar document detection
  • Detection of visually duplicate images
  • Options for hiding/deleting/manipulating duplicates as a group
  • Visually compare similar documents

Email threads (chains)

  • Detection of email threads (chains)
  • Detection of ‘redundant’ emails in threads (where an email’s text is fully incorporated into a later reply)

Multi-user support

  • Designed for a single user or a team of users
  • Workflow functions
  • Review tasks


  • Search across all discovery documents, or a subset of documents, instantly
  • Powerful full-text search operators (boolean, proximity, phrases, fuzzy searches)
  • Ability to filter documents by date, discovery information, and other criteria
  • Word lists – for creating reusable lists of words & phrases that can be run against project documents
  • Saved searches


  • Create new projects instantly
  • Add users to a project
  • Export project information
  • Logging and audit information
  • Dedicated administration module, allowing administration of all users & projects for a firm
  • Two-factor authentication available

Help & support

We value feedback from our users. If you have a feature request, please let us know!