LawFlow is an online e-discovery system, designed, developed and hosted here in New Zealand to enable New Zealand lawyers to carry out discovery. Used by New Zealand law firms since 2012, the system is designed around the New Zealand High Court Rules on electronic discovery.

Lawflow enables you to:

Suitable for projects of all sizes

LawFlow can be used for discovery projects of any size – from a small project with only a few dozen documents, up to large projects with tens of thousands or more documents. Our system and pricing model takes this into account, to remain efficient and competitive on price.

Designed to meet New Zealand requirements

LawFlow is proudly developed, hosted and supported in New Zealand, and is designed to meet the requirements of New Zealand lawyers carrying out discovery under the High Court / District Court Rules. We continue to actively develop LawFlow to add new features, many of which are suggested by our users. We particularly welcome user feedback and requests, and look to accommodate user-suggested features where possible.

Free support

We provide free support to our users. LawFlow is also designed with usability in mind, extensive self-administration tools, and includes online help and other resources. And because we have designed and developed LawFlow, we know the system inside out.

Predictable pricing

LawFlow offers simple, predictable per-project (i.e. per-discovery) pricing that is cost-effective and easy to disburse to the relevant client. There are no usage charges, per-user charges, licence fees or fixed terms. For more information, please contact us.

Ready to use now

LawFlow is a fully managed, online (web-based) system, hosted here in New Zealand. All you need to access it is a standard web browser. You can open new projects and add users to project instantly, via the online system.

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