LawFlow understands the importance of securing your data. That’s why LawFlow provides the following features:

  • Local storage: LawFlow is a fully managed online system, which means that we host your data. Unlike many cloud-based systems,  LawFlow is hosted in New Zealand, on our own servers – not in another jurisdiction.
  • Encrypted storage: LawFlow utilises FIPS-certified encrypted storage.
  • Encrypted access: LawFlow uses SSL encryption to provide secure access to your documents.
  • Password protection: access to your project is password controlled, and access is logged and auditable.
  • Two-factor authentication: optional two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Backups: daily backups, plus you have the ability to take your own backups of your project data at any time.
  • Secure hosting: our servers are hosted in a premium New Zealand data centre, with 24×7 security and backup power generators.
  • Robust connectivity: all internet access is protected by a firewall, and our servers utilise the national high-speed fibre optic network.
  • Your data ownership: you retain ownership of your data, and can download archive copies or remove it from our servers at any time.