September 2017 update

New features in this update

  • A function to bulk-set the name, description and key document fields of multiple documents at once.
  • The ability to upload a new file directly as an attachment of an existing document. This is useful if an existing document is missing an attachment. Once the attachment file is located, it can be uploaded and attached to its relevant parent document in one step.
  • The bulk-discovery page now allows setting the “estimated date” flag independently of setting the date fields.
  • An option to split a single PDF attachment into multiple attachments of the same parent. Previously, you could only split a PDF (attachment or standalone) into separate documents, or into attachments of the first split.
  • A tool to rotate multiple PDFs at once. This is useful where a set of documents have been scanned upside down or sideways, and you want to rotate them all to the correct orientation.
  • An option for generating a list with the unredacted version of any redacted document.
  • A function to “unlink” an issue from multiple documents at one time (to compliment the existing function for linking an issue to multiple documents).
  • The sign-up page now automatically creates accounts for users of registered firms. This is a convenient way for users from existing firms to instantly create their own accounts.
  • Support for XPS files.


  • Improved rendering and display of CSV files.
  • Excel spreadsheets now render cell comments in PDF versions.
  • Added an option in the File Types category for viewing documents with no extension (usually, these are corrupted or system files).
  • Improved performance when importing a large number of files extracted from a zip file.
  • Manually re-ordering a custom list now dynamically updates page numbers.

Thank you as always to our users for your suggestions and feedback.