June 2017 update

We’ve been so busy adding new features, we haven’t had time to tell you about them!

Notable recent features include:

  • A white-out tool, allowing irrelevant/unwanted parts of a document to be “whited out”. A common scenario is removing unwanted email or fax headers.
  • An affidavit exhibit stamper, facilitating the easy stamping and numbering of affidavit exhibits.
  • Bookmarks can now be inserted in compiled PDFs.
  • The ability to rotate specific pages of a document (instead of all pages).
  • An option to include a table of document type codes in exported lists.
  • New “batch scan” function for handling very large, bulk-scanned sets of paper documents.
  • Improved handling of duplicates.
  • A function for comparing similar documents.
  • Option to add parent/child documents to those already in the tray.
  • A new “non-discovery documents” repository for holding other types of documents (e.g. pleadings).
  • Option to download documents with their original filenames.
  • Highlighting of search terms in PDF documents.
  • Improved reordering of documents on custom lists.
  • The ability to enter discovery data via Excel.
  • Function for setting/editing party codes for multiple parties at once.
  • Ability to add watermarks to list documents (e.g. to apply a “CONFIDENTIAL” watermark).
  • More details about the status of related documents on the Discovery tab.
  • The ability to enter more information when splitting a PDF.
  • A way to scroll through PDFs one page at a time (instead of “continuous” scrolling).
  • Searching by number of pages.

Some of these are significant features that we will blog about separately in future.