July 2015 update

Updates to LawFlow made in this release include:

  • More ways to set discovery information: when you pop open an attachment, parent document, or related document, you can now enter or edit discovery information for that document without leaving the original document.
  • More document categories: you can now browse documents linked to chronology events, and documents with redactions, from the main Documents page.
  • Add range to tray: when browsing documents from the main Documents page, you can now add/remove multiple documents (i.e. a range) to the tray without needing to check/uncheck each one.
    • To add a range of documents to the tray, check the checkbox of the first document and then hold down Shift and check the checkbox of the last document.
    • To remove a range of documents from the tray, uncheck the checkbox of the first document, then hold down Shift and uncheck the checkbox of the last document.
  • Layout improvements: some users were experiencing layout issues with certain scenarios, in particular when viewing PDF documents in Internet Explorer. We’ve made some CSS and rendering tweaks aimed at resolving these issues.
  • Performance improvements: improvements to client-side script to fix some issues and improve performance.
  • Various fixes and tweaks: specific changes to address user-reported issues.

We’re already underway on our next update. As always, we welcome user feedback including feature requests and suggestions! Thank you to all our users for your continued support.