May 2015 update

We’ve been hard at work adding new features and improvements to LawFlow. Here is a roundup of recent updates.

  • Performance improvements: As discovery projects get larger and the volume of text in a typical project continues to grow, we’ve put lots of effort into performance improvements to keep your projects running smoothly. For optimal performance, we recommend using the latest Firefox or Chrome browsers.
  • Expanded OCR capability: LawFlow has always offered free OCRing of PDF documents. We have now expanded this to enable OCRing of common image files (JPGs, TIFFs, PNGs). [As always, remember that all OCR technology is inherently limited and dependent on numerous factors]
  • More document categories: it’s now easier to browse documents by repository, within various categories (by confidentiality, by privilege, by document type, by date range). We’ve also added options to easily browse documents with notes, descriptions, and linked issues.
  • More list options: in response to user requests, we’ve added more bundle and list report options.
  • Increased upload limits: we’ve increased the individual file upload size limit to 5 GB. This allows larger zip & PST files to be uploaded (these files are then automatically extracted).

As always, we welcome your suggestions to how we can make LawFlow work better for you. Thank you to all our users for your continued support.